SPE-130, Communication and Ethics

The course focuses on helping students to build the knowledge, skills and self-awareness to approach a wide range of ethical questions with clarity and confidence. Students will learn what the Therapeutic Relationship is, and how they function with their scope of practice regarding it. They receive basic concepts in the therapeutic dialogue, such as active listening skills and I feel statements. They learn the importance of creating correct boundaries, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the client as well as themselves. This helps them learn to respond to a client honestly, justly and respectfully. Students learn the ethics of appropriate touch, and the distinction between healthy and appropriate and inappropriate touch, and how to help the client understand the difference. Students learn to recognize the red flags of communications and how to apply ethical conflict and resolution. Finally, students are trained on how to practice professionalism with all other health professionals when to make appropriate referrals, and how to recognize burnout in their own lives and to seek out the appropriate help they need.

40 Clock Hours / 4 Qtr. Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: None