Our process for selecting the finest students from among the 450 applicants received yearly…

  • The most important trait a student must have is the desire to care for and help others. A Massage Therapist will not be successful in this industry without a complete focus on their client to do all that they can to help.
  • We look for students that have done some research in massage therapy to make sure this is the right career for them. It is a requirement for our students to have received a massage before they are enrolled, but we also like to hear that a student may have even interviewed a therapist as well.
  • Please put the most effort you can into our application. This can more than make up for a person that does not interview well. Our application may appear difficult but it is our best aid in the decision process.
  • We appreciate a student who has questions. It tells us that the student has put thought in choosing the right career and the right school.
  • We look favorably on students who have had a history of caregiving whether it be a medical career, service with the elderly or care of children.
  • Lastly, we look into grade point averages, previous degrees, and experience.