Keep your blinders on! Have you ever seen an old time picture of the horse and carriage and the horse has little covers over the side of their eyes? This is to keep their vision straight forward so that nothing spooks them from the side of the road.  Because, if they are spooked, they could wreck the whole carriage!  I think this can be applied to our day to day life.  Every hour you may be hit with distractions, decisions, bad news, exciting news, etc.  Try not to let those things “wreck your life”. Stay on course, keep moving forward. Sure those things might make you move “faster” or “slower” in life, but don’t ever give up. There is a beautiful future ahead for you if you simply keep trailing along down the road.  Some times, our paths take longer than expected but note that those journeys sometimes are the most memorable.
With care for each of you;